CEO of Turtle Entertainment Interviewd

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009

A recent interview by CEO of Turtle Entertainment, Jens Hilgers was conducted after the announcement of AMD pulling the plug on several sponsorships, including SK-Gaming and The World Cyber Games. The interview covers several important topics, such as: the way sponsorship behavior as changed in the recent months, price money reduced in ESL Pro Series, how the prize money will be paid out and how the economic crisis will overall effect eSports as a whole.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

Is there a possibility to even get out of the crisis as a winner within the eSports segment?

Hilgers: The development of eSports in 2009 largely depends on the active players and fans. eSports is attractive to sponsors, because there is an enthusiastic target audience that strongly identifies itself with and through its hobby. This will not be affected by the current economical crisis and we are happy the numbers of our websites reflect that eSports and the dedication for professional gaming grows even beyond the trend. February is on its way to become another record breaking month for ESL after a great January.

The support and enthusiasm of the community has always been the backbone of eSports but its importance even increases in times like these. As long as we all live this sport, as we love it, enjoy it, go to events and play active in leagues, our sport compared to other sports will go into 2010 even stronger.

What is your prediction for eSports from an economic view?

Hilgers: An important factor for the success of eSports is – just as in any other sport – the development of the ad market and the target group of players and fans.

We are certain that at the moment we experience the most difficult stage of this economical crisis with all its consequences regarding sponsorships and advertising. We expect that the next quarter and especially the second half of 2009 will show already a clear recovery. With this recovery the whole eSports scene world-wide will get back to growth and push the community forwards.

You can find a full copy of the interview: HERE

Image Courtesy of Turtle Entertainment