CEVO Announces The OCZ Team Fortress 2 Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / April 8, 2009

CEVO officials have decided to delay season 4 and run an open tournament. This tournament features thousands of dollars worth of prizes courtesy of OCZ Technology™ & CEVO. Registration for this tournament opens on April 16th and will run until May 3rd. There are no further details on when the actually tournament will start. 

CEVO Press release:

CEVO LLC (CYBER EVOLUTION) is excited to announce the OCZ $2500 Open, an online event featuring thousands of dollars worth of prizes courtesy of OCZ Technology™ & CEVO.

Event Details:

Here are the tournament details…

– Double elimination format.
– Registration is FREE.
– Matches played twice a week on Monday and Thursday nights.
– Registration is open from Wednesday, April 8th – Sunday, May 3rd.
– Standard CEVO league rules apply.
– Maps are cp_well, cp_granary, cp_badlands, cp_gravelpit, cp_freight, cp_follower, cp_yukon (Map Rotation: TBA).
– The CMN will be enabled for all matches.
– Teams are permitted to dispute a maximum of two players per team per match.

Prize Distribution:

Team Prizes:

• 1st Place – 6x OCZ Solid Series SATA II 2.5″ SSD ($960.00 value)
• 2nd Place – 6x OCZ Fatal1ty Series Power Supply 700W ($810.00 value)
• 3rd Place – 6x OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Fatal1ty Edition ($780.00 value)

NOTE: Winnings will be shipped free of charge. OCZ Technology™ products can be found online at OCZ Technology.

How To Register:

All players will need to create a personal CEVO user account to participate in CEVO events. If you do not already have one, click “register now” under the CEVO Members section of the website and follow the instructions.

Team Captains:

The Team Captain or Manager is responsible for registering their team for the event. Captains who have already created a team for another CEVO Team Fortress 2 event do not need to create a new team – you can simply join this event with your current team. To sign your current team up for this event, login to your personal user account then go to “teams”->”view my teams” (or click “Manage My Teams” on the main account page). Click on the “manage” link corresponding to your team and then click “Sign Team Up for a CEVO Event”.

If you are a Team Captain needing to create a team, login to your personal user account then go to “teams”->”create a team” (or click “Create a Team” on the main account page).

Once the team is created/registered for the event, each team member may join the roster by logging into their personal user account on the website and clicking “Join A Roster”.

Team Players:

In order to join a roster, your team captain must have already registered your team for this event. Once that is done, to join the roster, login to your personal user account and click “teams”->”Join a Roster” (or simply click “Join a Roster” on the main account page).

On the Join Roster page, choose this event from the drop-down menu, then type all or part of the team name and click “Find Team”. When the search finishes, click the “join” button corresponding to your team.