CEVO-P Season 11 Playoffs – coL Wins

BY Andrew Miesner / September 18, 2009

CEVO-P Season 11 Playoffs

The first round has already started in the 6 team playoff for the eleventh season of CEVO-P. compLexity and Team EG both had byes the first round as they were the top two seeds. The other four teams went head-to-head last night in their chance to be crowned the victors of this season.

The seeds are as follows for the playoffs:

1 – compLexity
2 – Team EG
3 – Loaded
4 – Frag Dominant
5 – Team Turmoil
6 – Excello

Frag Dominant faced Turmoil last night in a match that was not really as excited or close as some would expect it to be. Turmoil ended up taking an early start in the playoffs with a 16-7 win over Frag Dominant.  Loaded and Excello also went head-to-head and it proved to be a close and exciting match. Loaded was able to come out on top in a 16-14 win.

This means that Excello and Frag Dominant will drop to the lower bracket and will await an opponent. compLexity will face Turmoil next and EG will face Loaded.

Going into these playoffs, many are hoping for another rivalry match between EG and compLexity. Last year, coL was able to come out on top of EG in a close and exciting series of matches. You can’t give up on any other team though. Turmoil has proven that they are one of the top teams in the nation, even with a lousy 8-8 season in CEVO. As Each team does have a second chance going into this double elimination bracket, some teams will not be able to make the cut. Frag Dominant, a team that has struggled to beat any of the top teams in CEVO will be a team to watch that could possibly go for an upset.

compLexity and EG are the two main teams to watch as they will most likely coast through to the finals, maybe hitting the bump in the road of Turmoil. Both rosters are ready to put another championship belt on and boost their confidence. With WCG just around the corner, these top matches could end up being  a showcase for what we might see at WCG.

Grand Finals

Sep. 22 – 9:00 EST 1 2 OT F
compLexity 2
Team EG 0
Train: 16-9 coL
Inferno: 16-8 coL

Lower Bracket Final

Sep. 22 – 9:00 EST 1 2 OT F
compLexity 12 4 16
Loaded 3 0 3

Upper Bracket Final

Sep. 22 – 9:00 EST 1 2 OT F
compLexity 7 3 10
Team EG 8 8 16
EG: Warden, Storm, Lurrpis, n0thing, fRoD
coL: dboorN, evolution, hero, Irukandji, Ninespot

Upper Bracket Round 2

Sun Sep. 20 – 9 EST 1 2 OT F
compLexity 12 4 16
Turmoil 3 2 5
Sun Sep. 20 – 9 EST 1 2 OT F
Team EG 14 2 16
Loaded 1 1 2

Upper Bracket Round 1

Score 1 2 OT F
compLexity 0 0 1
Bye 0 0 0
Score 1 2 OT F
Team EG 0 0 1
Bye 0 0 0
Score 1 2 OT F
Loaded 11 5 16
Excello 4 10 14
Score 1 2 OT F
Turmoil 11 5 16
Frag Dominant 4 3 7

Click here for the full brackets