CEVO-P Week 7.1 Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / March 4, 2009

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

CEVO-Professional 7.1

Map: de_russka

x3o (10-2) vs. Frag Dominant (8-4)

This week we will see two of the best CEVO-Professional teams face off. On one hand there is team x3o who has some of the best teamwork in North American counter-strike. On the other, you have Frag Dominant who has proven themselves worthy of CEVO-P with a not so shabby record. Not to mention the last time we saw these two top notch teams play it was a nail biter. The final score 16-13 in favor of x3o. You should expect to see an excellent match and definitely be entertained.

And the winner is: I am going to have to go with team x3o. Last time they pulled through, and they have been together for a lot longer minus some minor changes. The score: x3o 16 – Frag Dominant 9.

Player to watch: Oh wow, this is definitely a tough decision as all the players playing are pretty outstanding. I will have to go with hero, solely because every time I end up watching him he pulls something crazy off. He is one of the most clutch players I have seen recently.  

EG.ca (5-6) vs. Gravitas Gaming (10-3)

Gravitas Gaming is looking extremely strong lately. Pulling off some huge wins over x3o and Frag Dominant in the early stages of CEVO-P set their path for a great season. Gravitas Gaming is 10-3 currently sitting right under x3o by one loss. You can’t put EG.ca completely out of this match. On paper, yes, Gravitas is the better team. In reality, EG.ca stands a huge chance. Last time these two teams met EG.ca pushed GG all the way into overtime and lost.

And the winner is: Like I had said earlier, GG and EG.ca are two teams that will make you watch the match down to the very last round. Anything can happen in this match, and everything should be expected. GG and EG.ca are both coming off losses. Gravitas Gaming 16 – EG.ca 13.

Player to watch: I picked this player because in my mind he stands out. Dave “heller” Marentette is the player of this match, he is very fun to watch. He has very precise and accurate aim, I know he won’t disappoint.


Team Pandemic (5-7) vs. iDemise (7-6)

These two teams are currently sitting at 5th and 6th spot on the table. iDemise is just coming off of a narrow victory over GG No Re (9th place). Team Pandemic, former MoB, Is just coming off of a huge win over Gravitas Gaming (2nd place). Two weeks ago we just saw Team Pandemic acquire MoB and already they have proved themselves worthy. Defeating GG is a huge confidence booster and is exactly what they needed to play out the rest of the season.

And the winner is: As stated earlier, Pandemic is going to have a boatload of confidence defeating the #2 seed in the league. iDemise is also coming off of a win over GG No Re, and as a lot of people would say, a win is a win no matter who you are facing. All this being said, I believe the Underdogs are going to come out on top.  Team Pandemic 16 – iDemise 12.

Player to watch: Sonny “s0nny” Tran is a former Team Pandemic player who is now playing for them once again. He has done great things for Team Pandemic in the past, and I don’t expect him to stop now. He is an astonishing player, and should whip up some trouble.

GG No Re (4-9) vs. eMazing Gaming (5-8)

To the bottom of the bracket we are. These two teams are still both solid teams and they aren’t far from 6th and 7th place. Although there records may not show it, I still believe they both can compete with any team in CEVO-P. This match could make or break their season, and we will soon find out. They will both be coming off of losses, but GG No Re’s loss is a bit harsher. eMg lost by 3 in their last match, and it could have gone either way.

And the winner is: This one I am going to have to trust the rankings in CEVO on. I also do believe this team has what it takes to overcome their opponents judging by the last time they met up. eMazing Gaming 16 – GG No Re 12

Player to watch: Alex “millipede” Abbott is the player I will be focusing on in this match. Anytime I watch eMg play, he is the player I watch unless he is dead. He has sharp aim and is a very intelligent player.

We are seeing the final two weeks of CEVO-Professional taking place. With CEVO regular season winding down, and teams preparing for upcoming LANs, we should see some good match ups. Players need to give it their all to reassure their team a good seed in playoffs.