CEVO-P Week 7.2 Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / March 9, 2009

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

CEVO-P Week 7.2 Predictions

Map: de_russka

Frag Dominant (8-5) vs EG.usa (9-4)

In this match we will see the 4th place team Frag Dominant take on the 3rd place team EG.usa. Recently, Frag Dominant just suffered a loss to EG.ca. Since week 2.1 Frag Dominant has had a pattern going. They win one, and then lose the next and it hasn’t stopped yet. That being said, this would be a match that they would win according to the pattern. Earlier in the season EG.usa suffered a defeat to Frag Dominant 16-9, which in Counter-Strike terms is not a close match. EG.usa is coming off of a very close win to eMg (Team 34). They also are just coming back from Germany Extreme Masters. Both teams will be getting prepared for KODE5.

And the winner is: Well, there are a few things pointing in Frag Dominants direction. They have their pattern going, and they have defeated the “powerhouse” EG.usa in the past. I am going to have to go with the clues here, Frag Dominant 16 – EG.usa 11.

Player to watch: I feel like n0thing has been the best player for EG.usa thus far. Most of the time I watch him he gets 2+ frags per round, and is just a monster. So the player to watch, though I said they are the losing team, is n0thing.

x3o (10-2) vs Gravitas Gaming (10-3)

This in my opinion is going to be the best match of the week. x3o and Gravitas Gaming are both coming back from Extreme Masters in Germany. Gravitas finished the best of all USA teams there, but it was 7/8th place. USA has proved they need to make up a lot of ground to be able to compete internationally again. x3o also finished very poorly in ESL Extreme Masters. That being said, they are standing at number one in the league and Gravitas Gaming is right behind them. x3o’s last match was against EG.usa and they lost 16-9. Gravitas Gaming is also coming off of a loss to Team Pandemic, 16-11. This match is the battle for 1st place, and should be very interesting.

And the winner is: Well, this is going to be the best match of the week. This match should go down to the wire if both teams are on their game. But there can only be one winner and for this one I am going to have to say, Gravitas Gaming 16 – x3o 12.

Player to watch: I am going to have to go with my pick for 7.1 again. Hero will be the player to watch for me. He has been playing out of his mind lately and I love to watch this guy. So if you can’t decide which player to watch, definitely watch hero.

EG.ca (6-6) vs iDemise (7-6)

These teams are right next to each other on the table. Both are competing for that one higher rank on the standings. EG.ca just upset Frag Dominant by a span of 8 rounds on de_tuscan. Last time these two teams met up iDemise lost in overtime. iDemise are also coming off of a win. These two are dead even sides and one thing this match will not lack is entertainment. iDemise is searching for some sort of revenge on EG.ca for their last match against each other.

And the winner is: What will be the deciding factor in this game? My gut feeling is whoever wants it more will take it. EG.ca has looked very strong as of lately and I believe they have the ability to snatch this one from iDemise. EG.ca 16 – iDemise 13.

Player to watch: Well, I had to put much thought into this one. I was going to say GRT but I am not too sure if he will be playing in this match, so instead I chose none other than, Tekn1kal. Tekn1kal has showed that he has a lot of experience in Counter-Strike. He plays with his head, not just his wrist. On the other hand, he does have superb aim too.

Team Pandemic (5-7) vs GG No Re (4-10)

Well, this match is the battle of the bottom. Last week we saw team eMg vs GG No Re here, now Pandemic is taking their place. I do believe Pandemic has great talent though. They will be preparing for KODE5 too. Pandemic has just come off of a HUGE win over Gravitas Gaming. I can’t express enough how big of a confidence booster that is. Part of this game is mental, and they WILL have the mental advantage in this map. GG No Re has just been a whipping post as of late. They will definitely need to turn things around to be able to pull this one off.

And the winner is: Team Pandemic is mentally prepared for this game, all they need to do is get out there and play with passion. They have the talent to pull this one off, but in saying that so does GG No Re. Team Pandemic 16 – GG No Re 6.

Player to watch: Noah “StrikeR” Alvarado has proved himself worthy of the spotlight. He is a smart, aggressive sharp shooter. He knows his way around the map, and knows how to clutch. I would definitely watch him in this match when he is alive.