CEVO-P Week 8.2 Predictions

BY Andrew Miesner / March 17, 2009

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

CEVO-P Week 8.2 Predictions

map: de_inferno

Sorry about missing last week’s predictions guys. I was not watching CEVO as clearly as I should have, again I apologize.

Frag Dominant (8-5) vs eMazing Gaming (6-9)

Frag Dominant proved to be truly something special this past weekend at KODE5. Defeating compLexity in the first round 16-5 on de_train. They have 2 new additions who instantly added a spark to their team, Scott “evolution” Cavallero and Kevin “aZn” Wang. All though, it does not appear aZn is on their roster for CEVO. Frag Dominant is showing great change, and progressing towards the top with these two unique and spectacular players. The rest of their CEVO season should be very intriguing. eMazing Gaming also participated at KODE5 but their result was way less than average. They were matched up against EG.usa and were defeated 16-7 in the first round. They then were tossed into the loser’s bracket, and lost 16-3 to compLexity.

And the winner is: Well, based on strictly fact and the mindset of anyone when playing a game, sport or any competition based activity I am going to have to go with the obvious. FD is feeling great about their chances, and confidence is everything. Frag Dominant 16 – eMazing Gaming 7.

Player to watch: A newly added player I have the up most respect for. He is an outstanding addition, and has proven worthy of such a big named team. That player is Evolution.

iDemise (7-9) vs EG.usa (9-4)

EG.usa attended KODE5 USA region qualifiers, and let’s just say it was not up to par… They lacked that one player that steps up and wins a key round for you. That player that motivates everyone else, and gets them going. Let’s face it, when your team leader is struggling, the team follows suit. That being said, they did manage to win their first round vs eMg 16-7. After the first round was won, it was all uphill from there. Team EG definitely lacked the “G” part in EG during this tournament, losing their second and third round to Frag Dominant and x3o. I am not just talking losing to x3o, I am talkin’ 16-4. iDemise also participated in KODE5 under the name “Texas All Stars.” They played the team that won the tournament first round, Gravitas Gaming, and kept it close. They slipped up on a few rounds in which they should have had and lost 16-13. They then were sent down to the loser’s bracket to face x3o. They lost to x3o 16-14, which are some very tight losses.

And the winner is: This matchup is very tough for me to decide upon. EG.usa is probably the favorite, but iDemise has defeated them 16-6 in the CEVO-P season. iDemise has proved to be a strong NA team that just needs to fix a few things and pull a few strings. iDemise 16- EG.usa 12.

Player to watch: Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert has proved to be n0thing short of spectacular. He is a joy to watch if you are interested in a very aggressive player who top frags majority of the time.

GG No Re (5-11) vs x3o (12-2)

This match is a spread of the highest ranked team to the lowest. You mathematic wizards could say it is the “Range” of the data (data being CEVO rankings Tongue out). x3o showed great passion and heart in KODE5 this weekend. They made a great run at it, all the way though to the semi-finals. They brought it to a second map, and were finally stopped by the unbreakable, Gravitas Gaming. I have said it before and will say it again, x3o’s teamwork is unbeatable. The only way you are going to break them down is by making some key plays and getting inside of their heads. GG No Re is at the bottom of the CEVO chain for CEVO-Professional. They have really been lacking that one player to put them over the top this season. They worked hard in the CEVO-PT Tournament, and earned their place. They really need to step up and prove themselves or I cannot guarantee they will stay in their CEVO-P status next season.

And the winner is: Hm, well…. Could this GGNR team upset the famous x3o? I think not… x3o has been playing too well as of late to be broken down by GGNR. Nothing against them x3o is just a stronger side. x3o 16 – GG No Re 5.

Player to watch: Drew from team x3o is a spectacular player. He can play online and on LAN as far as I am concerned. I enjoy watching him play, especially because he is x3o’s Strat Caller.

EG.ca (8-7) vs Team Pandemic (8-7)

This match I will have to declare as the match of the week. It is the battle of the middle for CEVO-P. Both teams have the same exact record; we should be in for a treat. EG.ca has been picking up the pace lately. They had just ended their winning streak of 3 by being conquered by GG No Re. Team Pandemic on the other hand is just coming back from KODE5. They had an impressive showing going (1-2). I know this may not seem like a good record for anyone, but they showed some great potential. They overcame x3o in the first round 16-13 on de_train. They then suffered a crushing defeat to Gravitas Gaming 16-4 in the second round being thrown down to the loser’s bracket to face compLexity. Dueling off against compLexity, it was a great match. It came down to the wire but coL pulled through defeating Pandemic 16-11.

And the winner is: I think you guys may have caught my drift during the analysis. I do have a winner decided in my mind just because they have showed great potential. Team Pandemic 16 – EG.ca 9

Player to watch: I have been very impressed by one player on pandemic lately. His in game name is Org. He plays very intelligent and has great aim. He is normally on top, or right near it.