CEVO Professional Counter-Strike 1.6 Placement

BY Andrew Miesner / December 31, 2008

The Professional Division (CEVO-P) is our most prestigious division and consists of only the top 10 teams in North America. Teams are selected for this division based on the Professional Placement Tournament.

The Professional Placement Tournament consists of 25 teams in a group play format, with the top three teams from each group moving on to a sixteen team double elimination bracket. Seeds for the double elimination bracket will be determined by group CPI. Among these 25 teams there are six teams from CEVO-P season 9, the top twelve teams from CEVO-M Season 9, the top two teams from the Atomic Theory Tournament, and five wildcards. Out of these 25 teams, the top 4 teams will advance to the CEVO-P Division. The 21 teams that do not qualify for the Professional Division will receive automatic invitations to the Main Division (CEVO-M).

The Professional Placement Tournament is utilized so as to remove subjective opinions and any influence of people from the selection process. Teams for CEVO-P qualify exclusively based on their proven performance against other top caliber teams.


2. Dynasty Gaming (CEVO-P 8th)
3. Mug N Mouse (CEVO-P 9th)
4. Check Six (CEVO-P 10th)
5. Devastation (CEVO-P 11th)
6. zEx (CEVO-M 1st)
7. Sway Gaming (CEVO-M 2nd)
8. The Realist Project (CEVO-M 3rd)
10. Phoenix Connection (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
11. Green Berets (CEVO-M 5th/6th)
12. DEVIANT.AXIS (CEVO-M 7th/8th)
13. backfire (Atomic Theory Winner)
14. zeroFaith (Atomic Theory Winner)
15. Hyeng’s Money Crew (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
16. dscapE.b$ (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
17. Dynamo (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
18. 34 (CEVO-M 9th-12th)
19. (Application Spot)
20. (Application Spot)
21. (Application Spot)
22. (Application Spot)
23. (Application Spot)
24. (Application Spot)
25. (Application Spot)

NOTE: Wildcard spots will be seeded using a random number generator. Should any of the above teams fold, they will be replaced with a team from the original set of applications. Groups will be formed using the “snake draft” order. Teams that do not have at least 3 players from Season 9 will need to send in an application, and will be replaced with Application Spots.

Group A:
Group B:
Group C:
Group D:
Group E:

Matches for group play will be played on December 28th, 29th, 30th, and January 4th, and 5th with matches for the sixteen team double elimination bracket being played on January 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.

Reschedules and postponements are NOT allowed, unless there are very extreme circumstances. Teams who cannot play on the dates above should not apply. In regard to this, ALL TEAMS are recommended to have at least 7 members on their roster in the event you cannot field your regular 5.

Rules and Guidelines:

The tournament rules and guidelines are as follows:

– All CEVO rules are in full effect, except as different below.
– The tournament format is group play. The top 3 teams from each group will advance to the double elimination bracket.
– All group play matches will be using the bo3 format.
– For bo3 matches both teams will pick one map and CEVO will pick the tiebreaker.
– Teams may reserve a CEVO server for any match.
– A 5v5 knife-fight will be used to determine who gets to pick sides in all matches.