Changes to COL.CS; Welcome es3tag and Peacemaker!

BY Andrew Miesner / July 23, 2021

Today, Complexity announces several changes to our CSGO roster, including two exciting additions!

First, we welcome Patrick “es3tag” Hansen to the squad. Formerly of Cloud9 and Astralis, the Danish star will add additional firepower to the roster. Next, we welcome Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu  as our new Head Coach!

Lastly, we are announcing that Will “Rush” Wierzba has been moved to the inactive roster while we look to find him a new home. We’d like to thank him for everything he has brought to the organization during his time here and wish him the best of luck going forward.

Join us in welcoming the new members of COL.CS to the Complexity family! Thanks, as always, for your support.