Changes to coL.HS; compLexity and Dog Part Ways

BY Andrew Miesner / October 2, 2015

It was more or less a year ago when compLexity Gaming entered the Hearthstone Inn with a young, talented, yet not super well-known player as the founding member. Today, the compLexity Gaming family bids farewell to it’s original Hearthstone member, as David ‘Dog’ Caero move on to pursue further opportunities.

“I have enjoyed my time as a member of compLexity, and I am thankful for the opportunity I have had with them which has allowed me to grow as a hearthstone Player,” said David ‘Dog’ Caero. “I am sad to be leaving such an incredible team filled with great players and managers who have become my friends.”

Throughout this year, the young puppy grew into a fearsome competitor with little bark, but a lot of bite. In tournaments on three continents, Dog sported the red and black jersey, fighting his way to the silver medal at DreamHack Summer 2015, captaining the North American squad to victory over China in the CN vs. NA Season 2 event, as well as being a member of Team ValueTown in securing third place in the Archon Team League Championship. While never winning a championship, he made deep runs in plenty of tournaments, as well as doing well in leagues of all kind. From the early success at DreamHack Winter 2014 and SeatStory Cup 3, to his ascension as a standout figure in the Hearthstone community, Dog’s journey to the top has been attributed to his spirit, skill, talent, determination and tiny bit of luck.

“It pains me to see Dog go.” stated Hearthstone Manager Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm. “He was with us from the start and grew with us to be one of the biggest stars in the Hearthstone scene, as well as a very good friend. He will be missed in the coL family. He was a pleasure to work with, talk to and just have light conversations with from time to time. I wish him all the best in Team Liquid and hope to have the honor of working with him once again down the road – you never know.”

Now the era ends, as Dog and compLexity Gaming go separate ways and start new chapters. We wish Dog the best of luck in Liquid, while we at compLexity Gaming will continue to foster new Hearthstone talents and community leaders. Thanks you as always for your continued support of coL.Hearthstone and compLexity Gaming.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support.