Changes to #coLofDuty; ACHES Returns!

BY Andrew Miesner / July 31, 2016

Today Complexity Gaming is announcing a major change in our Call of Duty roster prior to MLG Orlando 2016. Richard “Ricky” Stacy will be remaining with the team. Joining him will be former World Champion and compLexity Captain, Patrick “ACHES” Price along with Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield and Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi. They will be replacing Chris “Parasite” Duarte, Marcus “MiRx” Carter and Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar-Lim. We’d like to wish these players the best of luck in the future.

“3 years ago when I was on compLexity, we made the greatest run COD has ever seen,” said Patrick “ACHES” Price. “For the last 3 months I’ve been on the search for a team capable of winning again. Rejoining coL with Ricky and adding Accuracy and Lacefield, I feel we have the talent to perform. I’m extremely excited to head into Orlando and CODXP with this roster. Time to redefine #coLofDuty!”

Meet the new members of #coLofDuty!

 Patrick “ACHES” Price
 Andres “Lacefield” Lacefield
 Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi

New compLexity Roster

compLexity Call of Duty will be competing at MLG Orlando on August 5th – 7th.

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