Charity and Champion’s League for coL.HS

BY Andrew Miesner / February 27, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

The weekend is approaching and so the Hearthstone Inn is opening up it’s doors for another round of exciting competition of the best players in the world. Two tournaments are on the horizon with Kinguin’s third installment of the Charity Invitational and HearthStats first ever playoff bracket in the Champion’s League. In both tournaments compLexity Gaming will send their representatives into the mix, fighting for the title, money and the honorable cause that is the Child’s Play foundation.

For the second time in a row compLexity Gaming is proud to support the Charity initiative that Kinguin has installed in the Hearthstone scene. After the Christmas special and the Winter Invitational, the spring time is upon us with another round of slinging cards for kid’s across the globe in hospitals, struggling. For those children the Child’s Play initiative is providing games and other enjoyable goods, to brighten up their days and give them back some enjoyment – despite a long hospital stay. Over the year the charity has raised more than 43 million dollars for the operation, a cause to with compLexity Gaming is gladly contributing. Both Jeffrey ‘SjoW’ Brusi and Dan ‘Alchemixt’ Walton will join 14 other players in the fight for glory, the title and putting a smile on children’s faces everywhere.

The red and black cardslingers are still looking for that very first tournament victory for the compLexity Gaming Hearthstone program – what better occasion than playing for charity. Once more the field of opponents is stacked though, as every major organization followed the call of Kinguin to chip in for the good cause. SjoW will have to face the reigning Hearthstone World Champion Firebat in his first round, while Alchemixt is matched up with Nihilum’s German standout Lifecoach. To get in on the action and follow coL.HS and the broadcast, make sure to tune in to when Monk and ThatsAdmirable guide you through the show. First up will be SjoW at 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST, followed by Alchemixt at 8 PM CET / 2 PM EST. If you don’t only want to watch, but support the charity event, make sure to donate here.

The play for charity is only one thing on the busy coL.HS schedule this weekend, as Alchemixt is looking to become the first ever HearthStats Champion’s League winner. The American player known for his love of aggresive decks has overcome the odds on several occasions, slugging his way through multiple stages and a plethora of great opponents to wind up in the Top 8. Now the title is only three more wins away.

First player in his way is going to be American ladder sensation PHONETAP, who managed to win Group A, beating out HearthStats Invitational winner ek0p and Austrian player FenTyrris. Alchemixt is warned of the strength the Open Bracket veteran, who’s been having more and more success in recent history. Not only did he managed to get deep into the ESL Challenger League brackets on several occasions, but his HearthStats journey started way back against hundreds of good players.

To catch Alchemixt and PHONETAP battling for the Semifinals spot, make sure to visit with Callum Leslie and Gnimsh taking over the microphone. The action starts at 11 PM CET / 5 PM EST – don’t miss it.