Cheater Caught at WCG Brazil

BY Andrew Miesner / October 4, 2009

aSpx Caught Cheating at WCG Brazil

How often does someone get caught cheating at a LAN event? The simple answer, few and far between. Recently, at WCG Brazil, a player by the name of aSpx was caught cheating. The initial controversy was discovered when some videos were uploaded to youtube. This posed further investigation on the topic.

The Brazilian event manager Alessandro Marcucci, with the help of some top Brazilian professionals, decided that he was in fact cheating. The punishment given out was a six year ban from the WCG qualifiers. The cheat used was a small white dot that follows enemies which can very simply be toggled on and off.

The following statement was taken from Alessandro Marcucci:

The player “aSpx” has been suspended from all competitions I will organize for a minimum period of six years, with the sentence due to be reviewed after three years, and from all big qualifiers, events like g3x-cup, Brazil Cup and Allstar Games are also included.

Marcucci told 

“As for ECO.COBRA I have decided to apply a minimum sentence to the team, they are suspended for one year, with the review in six-months’ time.”


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