China strengthens policy on game addicts

BY Andrew Miesner / January 17, 2009

As China’s growing problem with game addicts becomes more apparent, the Chinese government is finding new ways to decrease the problem of gamers becoming addicted to games.  The new system that has been recently implemented now forces gamers in China to register with their government issued identification numbers as a more prominent way of identifying who the gamer is and how old they are.

With any new system comes the flaws within, and in this case the new identification process is not exempted. Gamers can still play one game for three hours and then switch to another game. This will definitely make an overall impact of gamers being addicted to one specific game, but the enjoyment and “fix” they get will still be very noticeable.

Some of the concerned Chinese had this to say on the subject: “The reason why they are doing this is because so many minors are addicted to games.” “Kids were playing games all the time after class, or even skip classes. They addicted to the game.” Currently China has the highest population of users on the internet with a estimated 17 million game addicts to follow.