Clash of the Titans Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / February 8, 2011

In only a portion of iNcontroL’s major announcement, he announced that on February 21st, 2011 the Clash of the Titans Showmatch will begin. The match will be played by Idra, “The Gracken” and the “Gorilla Terran,” Jinro. EGIncontroL and Andre “Gretorp” Hengchua will be casting the bo7 (best of 7) match.

The format will be played on the following maps: Xel’Naga, Crossfire SE, Shakuras, Terminus RE, Lost Temple, Crevass, Metalopolis.

Prize: $1500.00 to the winner of the showmatch.
Where: iNcontroLTV
When: 2:00PM PST, 4:00PM Central, 5:00PM EST


That is not all. This showmatch is the coming out party. This will surely be a spectacle but it is only the beginning. At the conclusion of this showmatch a series of events will take place that will fully reveal all that I have been hyping. What is this big event? What exactly have I been working on? February 21st all questions will be answered.


IncontroL has promised big news for the SC2 scene after the showmatch. Some of you may be asking, “What is IncontroL talking about?” In the last few “State of the Game” shows, he has been hinting about a huge announcement that will help make SC2 grow in the USA. He has also been Tweeting about it quite often during the past week. Additionally, IncontroL, Gretorp, and other “GosuCoaching” personnel have moved to the California area for this.  Stay tuned to for all the updates.