clowN and Devour Banned from CEVO

BY Andrew Miesner / January 25, 2009

In a recent development, during the CEVO Alienware Winter Frag Fest, Yazan “clowN” Ammari and Sam “devour” Chamma were banned for cheating by CEVO. Both players have been playing for the OptX team in the CEVO competition since the CGS went under. They were banned after the match with KBS in the event finals. I contacted clowN to get his side of the story.

I would like to come clear about everything, YES, Devour and I did cheat simple as that.  The back story is what I wanted to explain to everyone, and I appreciate Jason giving me the chance to do so here.  I’ve been a long time professional gamer for a while now, and I have never really cheated before besides unlocking all the songs on rockband2.  Recently my team and I decided to compete in this Alien ware tournament hosted by CEVO.  As the tournament went along it was met with a couple complications, well I should say a ton of complications.  After a long 12 hour day of sitting on my computer dying from boredom and being exhausted beyond belief we finally got to the finals.  In the finals we were put up against KBS a team that truly in my eyes didn’t deserve to be there, as they weren’t one of the top two teams in this tourney (they beat sxp due to a technicality of crouch peeking…stupid, which had us waiting around for about 1 hour). 

The match began late in the evening around 11:00pst, with 3 of our 5 players being in the central and Eastern Time zones.   Finally the match begins, As soon as we go live we quickly get the first round, and then KBS answers right back with a round of their own.  After the two rounds have been completed the server crashes, now when a server crashes within the first 3 rounds of a match what is the most rational and logical thing to do, especially since its only 1-1, restart the match.  Instead CEVO and IGames officials decide to abide by the rules that are not even remotely fair nor should they even be effective this early in the match of, resulting in the same score, new lo3 with only $5,000.  How are we expected to hold CT side train with no awps? Yes an awp is affordable but will result in no grenades, armor, and kit.  After about 1 hour of straight arguing our defense they allow us an extra 2,500.  I didn’t agree to this in the beginning but as they were giving us no choice we decided to play with that rule set against our will (yes we threatened to forfeit and all that, but they called the bluff). 

After the score became 5-2 in favor of KBS the server crashed about 7 times in a row, after we would keep re-lo3ing.  Someone was obviously packeting the server whether it is someone from KBS or just someone who hates CS:S.  We tried a brand new server, with random tagged names, and no one signed into steam friends and still was packeted. We showed up at the agreed time the next morning and decided we would try our luck today (Sunday).  After everyone in #prosource (an invite channel of high caliber players from cal-I to cevo-p) basically explained to me that we have no chance, and how bad KBS cheats, and after experiencing it first hand on the first 7 rounds we played on train we realized that for us to be cheated out of 5 brand new computers that we knew they did not deserve, and everyone who knows glockateer and company(KBS) can agree with me when I say that I was sick of getting cheated.  Especially after the long 15 hour day we had the night before, with all the arguing and complications with the servers, I  talked to my teammates and we came to the decision that devour and I would try hacks for our FIRST time, no we did not cheat in the past. 

We didn’t really try to hide the fact I had cheats, it was more of a statement to KBS and CEVO, I blatantly “amsged” on mIRC for cheats. After our train match when we came back and won we decided to take off the cheats for nuke, since our nuke was a lot stronger for us.  As we reconnect to the server and get ready to lo3 Glockateer and a couple others disconnect for about 10 minutes, and reconnect.  Yes, hmmm what can they have been doing.  So we win the first CT half 10-2.  As the next half rolls around Glockateer or in-game used “megatron” became a one man killing machine, winning every clutch, killing every person, and stopping any chance we had at winning or even tying the half.  As CEVO checks the cmn logs for the match, after our dispute they found devour and I were cheating and had us banned. 

Yes, it was a stupid thing to do, would I do it again? Yes, I would have found better cheats, because I am not sorry for what I did.  I was basically fighting fire with fire, I know they were cheating and they know they were cheating, that’s the bottom line.  In result we are banned for the next year in CEVO, and I am pretty sure all CEVO events.  We will be competing LEGIT in ESEA, and any other leagues we decide to enter.  As for Sam and I personally we will be attending ETS in Montreal, Canada March 20-23rd.  Enter the tourney I mean we can’t cheat on LAN so you’re pretty much set for a winning prize right? =D


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