coL.Acad Ero-Sennin Moves into Gamma Gamers House

BY Andrew Miesner / September 27, 2012

The compLexity Academy is very proud to announce that another one of its members will be moving into the compLexity Gamma Gamers House. Currently slated to move in on Thursday Sept 27th, Ero-Sennin will be joining teammate Fuzzy and newly promoted Sasquatch in Houston, Texas.

The compLexity Academy commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane sat down with Ero-Sennin to discuss the upcoming move.

First off congratulations on being picked to move into the team house, how did you feel when you found out you would get this opportunity?

It felt very rewarding. From about 2001 onward, there’s always been the dream of going to a pro house. In BW this would just be about Korea but in SC2 brand new doors have been opened, so to be able to get this opportunity, it’s very exciting.

Who was the first person you told, and what was their reaction?

First person I told was one of my practice partners and friend for the past few years, Semih. He offered his congratulations with a blanket of expletives ^^

Have you ever taken such a big step towards becoming a professional gamer?

No, I haven’t taken anywhere close to the extent that this opportunity is allowing me to take. The only thing that comes to mind is that in 2003, after about two years of playing BW, I paid a small amount of money to play in pay-to-play league, WGTour’s WSL. I went 1-1 against a Korean pro who was on the Korean Dream Team. My thought was, this is good, perhaps I should go and try to win a WCG qualifier that is out of state. But I wound up taking two years off and that never went through.

What are you most excited about for when you get to the team house?

Texas women. Oh, and the smell of 10 other sweaty dudes in a team house. And the chance to practice a lot of StarCraft, yeah, pretty much in that order too.

Who are you most looking forward to playing/practicing with that is already at the team house?

Oh I’d have to say QXC bar none. I mean, my God he’s the bandana Terran. My mom use to read me stories about him at bedtime.

The academy guys from the team house have really been showing some skill, do you feel any pressure to match their results since moving to the house?

Oh there will always be pressure, but playing in competitive sports and working in a field where you have to be quick on your feet, it’s all about how you handle the pressure.

I think if I play as well as I can play, that will speak for itself. I use to play a game that only had about one tournament a year for foreign players, that tournament had a span of about 10 qualifiers, and if you didn’t make it… well, you had another year to wait. So, I’m used to playing with pressure.

Not to toot my own horn and I’m not big-headed enough to think anything I’ve done in SC2 rivals the showing that Sasquatch had last MLG, but I have the background to beat decent players, and I have. And I’ve beat some Korean players that have made it to the OSL in SC2 while I put in 2 hours a week practicing. Granted I played them cross-server so there’s always lag to think about and the fact that they may not be giving it their all, but sometimes a win is a win.

Thank you for your time, is there anyone you would like to thank or just give a shout-out to?

Thanks to everyone who have allowed me to take this opportunity. Thank you especially to the sponsors and thanks to the CEO of Origin PC for following me on Twitter. It was a very pleasant surprise.