coL.Acad Fuzzy & Ero-Sennin Interviewed by ESFI World

BY Andrew Miesner / October 29, 2012

Recently the great people over at ESFI World sat down with two players from The compLexity Academy to talk about their gaming experience and up coming events.

The first player interview is with Nick “Fuzzy” Degtiarev, one of The Academy’s star Zerg players, currently training in the compLexity Gamma Gamers House.

ESFI Writes:

ESFI: How has the compLexity Academy been helping you reach that goal so far?

Fuzzy: compLexity Academy gives a lot of opportunity to play in tournaments, like ESEA’s league and coL showmatches. It also gives each player in the program the opportunity to get free trips to MLG events. For me, the most beneficial thing was not having to pay for my MLG trips as well as getting the chance to live in a team house environment and practicing / interacting with everyone on a day-to-day basis.

ESFI: Have you noticed a significant change in your play as of yet?

Fuzzy: I have noticed a change in my play since coming to the team house, not only in-game but also IRL, living in a team house atmosphere has helped a lot. In the game I feel like all my matchups have improved from playing against good players each day and my overall mechanics have also become more solid.


The second Academy player interview is with Sean “Ero-Sennin” Gough, a fantastic Protoss player who is also currently training at the compLexity Gamma Gamers House.

ESFI asks:

ESFI: You and Fuzzy just moved into the house a few weeks ago. How are you liking it so far, and what do you enjoy the most about the house?

Ero-Sennin: I’m enjoying it very well, the housemates are very friendly, and it is a very welcoming atmosphere; really couldn’t ask for much more than that. The thing I enjoy most is I get to play computer games and I don’t have to think about shoveling any snow as I did in Minnesota.

ESFI: Recently, Sasquatch got bumped up from the Academy to the main squad. Does seeing that motivate you even more to be the next one called up?

Ero-Sennin: Yeah it definitely does, whether it had been Sasquatch or someone else, the potential to get “called up” so to speak, is definitely a motivating factor to try hard to stand out.


Hopefully these interviews gave you a decent impression of Nick and Sean. We at The compLexity Academy believe very strongly in growing the American StarCraft II scene. Keeping that in mind, please follow both of these players on Twitter or check them out when you see them streaming. They are training extremely hard for the up coming MLG Fall Championship. Keep an eye out for these players at the event. We believe they’ll be making a great impression.