coL.Academy Broadcast Schedule

BY Andrew Miesner / October 15, 2012

The compLexity Academy has quite the busy week ahead of itself. Tonight at 7:00 PM EST our boys will be taking on Team Legion in an ESEA event. Commentated by The Academy’s very own broadcaster Samsc2, the line ups for tonight’s match include:

coLFuzzy vs LgNShuttle
coLJer vs LgNJimRising
coLEroSennin vs LgNAvilo

Tuesday, compLexity Academy star Fuzzy will be joining qxc from the main compLexity roster on Samsc2’s show compLex Strategies. To watch the show, tune into Samsc2’s stream at 2:00 PM EST. Right after compLex Strategies, The Academy will be taking on the team DUST in another ESEA match.

Finally, on Wednesday, The Academy will be taking on MMe for another ESEA event.



Please tune into every broadcast you can and let us know what you think. We at The Academy believe very strongly in growing American StarCraft II talent. A large part of growing this talent is getting these players names out in the community. Thanks to the hard work of Samsc2, we feel like we’re on the right track. That said, there’s always room for improvement, so let us know what you think and what we can improve on.