coL.Academy Fuzzy to Gamma Gamers House – Interview

BY Andrew Miesner / August 22, 2012

Without a doubt one of the strongest players in The compLexity Academy is our Zerg player Fuzzy. In the opening games for both the ESEA and IPTL, Fuzzy took on all comers and didn’t drop a map. Thanks to this stellar performance plus his previous track record, we are proud to announce that Fuzzy will be spending some time in the compLexity Gamma Gamers House.

compLexity Academy commissioner Michael “Twixz” Shane sat down with Fuzzy to talk about the move.

What are you most looking forward to about moving into the team house?

The major things that I’m looking forward to is having a stable internet connection (Canadian internet sucks) and most of all the environment that a team house provides.  Whenever I go to a internet cafe to do a day of practice I find that I’m able to mass a lot more games in the same span of time and being at a team house is like being at a 24/7 lan cafe. ^_^

Who are you most excited to have as an everyday practice partner in the team house?

I am excited to play with everyone at the team house. I have been needing good Terran/Protoss practice for a very long time so I’m looking forward to playing vs QXC, Trimaster and Minigun.  I’m also looking to improve my ZvZ so having regular practice vs Goswser will also help me. 😀

Have you ever lived in United States for an extended period of time?

I was born in Russia and lived there until I was 5 years old, at that point my family moved to Canada and I haven’t lived anywhere else since then I have been over to USA for vacations/StarCraft tournaments but never for a extended period of time.

What are your goals while living in the team house?

I am hoping that with the team house environment I can break out in the scene and improve myself to a point where I can consistently get far in tournaments like MLG, IPL and NASL.  I will be playing a minimum of 8 hours per day at the team house and will be doing Playhem tournaments daily. I will also be aiming for GM on the Korean server (haven’t played on it due to Canadian internet).

Can you sum up the feeling you had when you found out that you where chosen to move into the team house?

I am extremely happy that i was chosen to move in, i believe that this is what I need to be able to break out into the sc2 scene.  I look forward  to the environment that a team house presents as well as playing on a amazing computer with non-Canadien internet xD.

We look forward to hearing from you and watching you play every day on the complexity House stream! Is there anything you would like to say to anyone before you make the journey to the United States?

I am thankful for my family’s support in my decision to move to the team house in Texas.  I would also like to thank David + Shawn (Stoicregret + Nuvo) they have traveled to events like MLG and supported me for a long time, David helped me with strategy letting me get to the level I’m at right now.  Last but not least I would like to thank Twixz (coL.Acad  manager) for helping me throughout the time that I joined The Academy and up to now for all the promotion he does for not just me but the whole academy.  I am very thankful that a team like compLexity exists and is willing to invest so much into players that are less known, not only giving players a chance for an all paid trip to MLGs but for hosting a Team house and allowing us to live in such a positive environment.