coL.Academy Introduces Team Commentator Samsc2

BY Andrew Miesner / August 22, 2012

Let’s start off with an introduction. Tell us a little bit about yourself Sam, how long have you been involved in eSports and StarCraft2? What do you like to do outside of StarCraft activities/hobbies etc.

I’m an 8 year military veteran, culinary chef, and video game shout-caster. I’ve been involved with eSports for only about 4-5 months with my casting and streaming, but I’ve been casting for over a year now. Outside of StarCraft I usually love to watch movies and continue to try out new and interesting recipes. I’ve even been hosting my own cooking show on my stream which is a lot of fun!

You are now going to be the official compLexity Academy caster, how do you feel taking on this role?

This is an amazing offer to be able to work with a big team on a more constant basis! I really think it’s going to be able to push my career to an all time high and hopefully I’ll be able to grow my skills as a shout-caster.

What would you say are some of you casting strengths? Where are some areas you are looking to improve?

My casting strengths are my ability to talk on an almost constant rate haha and engaging the chat while not taking away too much from the cast itself. I feel I’m fairly good at the play by play style of casting but I could use an analytical side mixed in.

We are very excited to offer this opportunity to you! Is there anyone out there you would like to thank, or give a shout out too?

I would like to thank all the teams that have let me cast their games up until now. I’d also like to give a special thank you to my friends Pascal and Kevin!

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