coL Academy MLG Columbus Qualifier Tourney

BY Andrew Miesner / February 21, 2012



Congratulations to Nocreativity for taking 1st place and winning a trip to MLG Columbus!!


Today the compLexity Academy is proud to announce its fourth tournament. Set to begin on Tuesday March 6th, the coL Academy tournament is used to determine which player from the Academy will receive an all expenses paid trip to go play at MLG Columbus on March 23. The format of this tournament is double elimination and best of 3 for each game. Also note, if you are an up and coming commentator, we are still accepting applications to be the voice of the Academy.

Seed Determination:
Seeding for this tournament will be randomized. All of the points from the previous compLexity Academy tournaments have been reset giving the players a fresh start. After thinking about last year’s Academy tournaments, we have decided to start off 2012 with a new point system. This point system will be used to determin in-house rankings and possible expulsion from the Academy. The new point system is:

1st = 40 points
2nd = 34 points
3rd = 28 points
4th = 20 points
5th = 15 points
6th= 10 points
7th = 8 points
8th = 6 points
9th= 4 points
10th = 2 points

Player List:

Starting Map:

The starting map will be determined by veto’s, the higher Seed veto’s first, then the lower seed. This will continue until there is one map left, this will be the starting map. After the first map, all maps become playable again. The winning player gets to veto one map and the losing player gets to pick from the remaining pool. No map can be played twice.

Map Pool:
MLG Antiga Shipyard
MLG Daybreak
MLG Dual Sight
MLG Entombed Valley
MLG Metalopolis
MLG Shakuras Plateau
MLG Tal’Darim Altar

View the tournament LIVE on our Justin.TV stream by clicking here.