coL Academy versus i7 – ESEA

BY Andrew Miesner / April 10, 2012

Tonight the compLexity Academy will be playing its first match of the ESEA season. Going up against team Infinity 7, the Academy will have to bring it’s A game. These two teams have quite a bit of history; i7 knocked out the Academy of the playoff run last season with a score of 3-2. Tonight our boys are looking to exact a little revenge.

The map pool for tonight’s match includes:

  • ESV Cloud Kingdom
  • ESV Ohana LE
  • Metropolis
  • Day Break
  • Korhal Compound
  • Atlantis Spaceship
  • Metalopolis
  • GSL Antiga Shipyard

The match ups for tonight’s game are:

  • Axslav vs Goswser: Goswser wins 2-0
  • Pyre vs Nocreativity: Pyre wins 2-0
  • Sanddox vs Fallen: Sanddox wins 2-1
  • Jecho vs Brobocop: Jecho wins 2-0 

For those of you who are not familiar with the ESEA format, it’s pretty simple. “Each match consists of 4 – 1v1 Bo3 matches; AvsA, BvsB and so on. In the event of a 2-2 tie, there will be an ACE match. Team Leaders are responsible for picking any rostered paid player to play the ACE match. This ACE match will be the ‘tie-breaker’. The first map of each match will be preset by League Admins and put on the Schedule. The loser of the first map will pick the second map and the loser of the second map will pick the third map. The same map cannot be picked twice in one match. You may veto 1 map per match up that is not map of the week.”

Tonight’s match will be streamed here and is set to kick off at 9:00 PM EST. Be sure to tune in so you can root for compLexity’s best and brightest up coming gamers.