coL Academy vs Infinity Seven – ESEA

BY Andrew Miesner / January 11, 2012

Last night the compLexity Academy took on team Infinity Seven in round 15 of the ESEA StarCraft II Open League. Before the match, the Academy was sitting with a record of 7-7, right on the edge of making the playoffs.

Unfortunately the coL Academy lost to Infinity Seven. It was a close match with Brobocop and Goswser winning the first two games with a score of 2-0. Nineteen fell to Jecho 0-2, putting the pressure on Nocreativity. Nocreativity ended up winning 2-1 vs owmygroin, however one of the games was played on MLG Shattered Temple which isn’t in the ESEA map pool. Because of this mistake the match needed to be replayed and owmygroin ended up winning, forcing the ace match. In the end Brobocop ended up losing to Jecho in the tie-breaker.

It’s unfortunate that our boys didn’t make it to the playoffs, but don’t lose faith just yet. Our players are now more determined than ever to train hard and come back twice as strong next ESEA season. Also, we still have one game left versus CheckSix Gaming. While we may be out of playoff contention, pride is still on the line. Expect the Academy to give their final match of the season everything they have.