coL.Academy vs. Legion – ESEA

BY Andrew Miesner / November 2, 2011

Last night the compLexity Academy went toe-to-toe with team Legion in the ESEA. It was a hard fought match and, despite the Academy’s best efforts, they fell with a score of 1-3. Don’t let the score fool you, it was an extremely close match with every member of the Academy getting at least one win.

The individual scores were:
 Goswser vs Luxuy 2-0
 Nocreativity vs Jimrising 1-2
 Nineteen vs  Chita 1-2
 Brobocop vs Mystic 1-2 

What was interesting about this match was that neither team used a Terran player. It’s also important to note that the games the Academy lost were strictly mirror matches.

This loss is sure to light a fire under the compLexity Academy and will motivate the players to train even harder. Be sure to check back on Thursday as the Academy will be taking on another team in the ESEA.