coL.Academy vs. Team Nightmares – ESEA

BY Andrew Miesner / August 16, 2012

Tonight at 8:00PM EST the compLexity Academy will be taking on the team Nightmares in the ESEA. Last season Nightmares ended up tied for 5/6th place. They are a strong team and will be coming at The Academy with everything they have. That being said, we are extremely confident with our line up of players tonight. They have been training hard throughout the off-season and are eager to make an impact on the league.

For tonight’s match The compLexity Academy will be fielding:

  • (Zerg) goswser #1
  • (Zerg) fuzzy #2
  • (Zerg) PartSasquatch #3
  • (Protoss) vGEroSennin #4

Nightmares will be using:

  • (Protoss) Bones535  #1
  • (Zerg) Kuyzz  #2
  • (Zerg) rhinomeister  #3
  • (Terran) scdKorlith  #4

Last season The Academy lost to Nightmares with a score of 3-2. Keeping that loss in mind, The Academy is determined to get revenge and to start out this ESEA season as strong as possible.