coL Announced as IOL Competitor

BY Andrew Miesner / May 4, 2010

coL.cs has just been announced as the latest competitor to the Inferno Online League tournament to be held one week after Arbelet Europe. With the team already planning to bootcamp for a week after Arbalet, the timing is perfect. The event is set to take place on May 22nd and 23rd.


To the winner of the tournament will be over 50,000SEK ($6845 USD) in cash, as well as the final spot in the Dreamhack Final 4 tournament in Jönköping, Sweden on June 19-22nd. SK, Fnatic and h2k have already qualified for the other 3 spots.

UPDATE: Despite some news outlets claiming Team EG was attending this event we have contacted the team and they are not and never were.

34 teams have already confirmed their participation in the event.

../images/flags/sweden.gif eucalyptus – flwstEr, revel, skytten
../images/flags/sweden.gif strangers – BJOERN, doomi, validus, zyNd, ebot
compLexity – dboorN evolution Xp3 thoMz herotowN
../images/flags/sweden.gif Swecon- zodiak, neogen, skrff, jhonnyj, relik
../images/flags/sweden.gif dwtr – manw, vilander, r0lf, jolle, funqy
../images/flags/sweden.gif novamania – DrillaN vuggo ezki Cool1awp
../images/flags/sweden.gif the bats punkt- eksem emilio shabi lillshabi jozic
../images/flags/sweden.gif Lanpangarna – niwen, ernesto, zedar, rause
../images/flags/sweden.gif quickpoint – awwe doit pyth quix 2easy4 – xektor, monch, vision, blizker1, aleex
../images/flags/sweden.gif brend – givar, plyfa, rdl, frisken, berra
../images/flags/sweden.gif combo: neron,zeiz,beez,zeki,appo ONLINE-KINGDOM – korn, pekky, bjerke, arch, thundr
../images/flags/sweden.gif Begrip – godlike jaegarn fnazze xeron azl
../images/flags/sweden.gif coldgame – madsevl bnd twice domiNate maektig
../images/flags/sweden.gif RumNCoke – des kHRiLL laxenn miWe demy
../images/flags/sweden.gif neverborn – spozy, mono, zunzet, bassets, brownie
../images/flags/sweden.gif spotify – max_payne spixo zonti poke feddan
../images/flags/sweden.gif magicninjas – kye, alistair, kn0x, ch1pi
../images/flags/sweden.gif drömvinsten – akown zoddi paL realisten
../images/flags/sweden.gif Frost – Reeze,Chooki,Vetic,Padi,CazzEN
../images/flags/sweden.gif p0dCatZ – cON7TR4Y fizzy JT
../images/flags/sweden.gif Fritzfezt – dioz RIKZ BofinK rad
../images/flags/sweden.gif the nordic insects – heniz,windzki,fidzki,magica,micra cbteam – kalle, REAL, syrtekz, prb, tacky
../images/flags/sweden.gif MYM – delpan, pita, zet, jumpy, FYRR7e
Antwerp Aces – cieseta, nookbrid, luosrevo, TRx, Monu
../images/flags/sweden.gif umop.episdn – eksem silverbane dalito rape sobek
../images/flags/sweden.gif limbokungen – frostnova, radix, eliotth, kylig, bergqvist
../images/flags/sweden.gif – huggan, keiz, manne, pinne, dennis
../images/flags/sweden.gif H2k-Gaming – xizt, pronax, pop, barbarr, hyvlarn
../images/flags/sweden.gif Bespredel: pnkt, besp, aLLi, Rain, twizteed
../images/flags/sweden.gif INFAME: floreNz moddii Jumpy zneel Zyppe
../images/flags/sweden.gif venatus – Ns^, fain, FuzioN, KbH, Hewkie