coL.Black Post-Championship Interview

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2010

Congratulations on winning MLG Orlando! Now be honest, how hard was it? Most of your rounds were easily won, so did you need to give it your all? How much more potential does this team have?

Twixz: MLG Orlando preparation was just like any other event. It pretty much required the same training process. We put 100% into every round that we play, as we never want to use the “we weren’t trying” excuse. We have not yet reached our potential. As for how much we still have, that is yet to be seen but we can try and find out =).

The finals were completed rather quickly. Why do you think that was?

Flexx: We gave coL.Red wins on Live when they used their Wizard-Cleave setup by running fake strats. This persuaded them to use Wizard-Cleave in the finals. We are very comfortable whenever we face a Wizard-Cleave setup, as the majority of Live Season 7 comps were with that same setup. We were lucky with purges and chain crits that led to the quick kill in the 7th game of the finals. In the 9th game, we were able to stop Snutz’s portal with intimidate and hex (it likely went unseen). Because of this, he had nowhere to go, which led to his death.

Did anyone surprise you, either positively or negatively? If you had to name an MVP other then someone from your team, who would it be?

Twixz: I’ll stay away from the whole positive/negative thing, but the MVP I would pick is Venruki. He just seemed to have an amazing weekend, starting with the all-star event and carrying through to Sunday.

How was the tournament set up? Did you feel this was a worthy final in terms of the location as well as team quality?

Toez: The tournament setup was actually really nice. They had the computers set up in a square so not only did we have a permenent setup throughout the weekend, but there was no possibility for ghosting. It made for a really smooth tournament. I thought it was unfortunate that SK and EG had to make the arrangement that they did. I feel that had they played with their current lineups, they would have produced a better showing.

So what’s up for you guys in the future? Are you going to take a rest now that you have the championship in hand?

Toez: Well, the plan right now is to just keep competing and keep winning. We plan on doing whatever it takes to make that happen. We don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

Who won at Mario cart & Punch out? Is Flexx a beast in those games as well?

Twixz: Well, I have to say that out of the 3 of us (Twixz, Flexx, Toez), I was the Mario Kart Champion, but when it came to Punch Out, Flexx was pretty beast. All I can say is that I’m pretty sure that everyone on our floor knew when Flexx got monkey mode.

Images courtesy of GotFrag