Welcomes Urb

BY Andrew Miesner / April 7, 2011

Matheus “Urb” da Silva Oliveira (left)

Today The Syndicate is happy to end all speculation and announce that we have signed a fifth player for compLexity.Brazil.  After much global searching we determined that we wanted (1) a Brazilian player (WCG, team house, etc) and (2) a young, hungry and rising star.  We are confident that our choice will bring much success for and deliver solid placements for the coL Community.

Thus, we ask that you welcome Matheus “Urb” da Silva Oliveira to the compLexity Family.

Urb, who was previously with playArt.sp, is a young talent from São Paulo who has impressed all of us with his dedication, raw skill and pure desire to win.  Combined with the current players of we feel we now have a solid mix of veteran experience and wisdom with young passion and hunger to compete.

CompLexity Brazil

Matheus “Urb” da Silva Oliveira
Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo de Alcantara
Renato “nak” Nakano
Bruno “Bruno1j” Ono
Lincoln “fnx” Lau

Stay tuned throughout 2011 as the squad works hard to represent the global coL Community.  Soon we’ll be ramping up coverage from the training house in São Paulo and bringing you the insider content you love to see.

Welcome Matheus here!


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