coL.CatZ Competing in Starcraft Miami League LAN

BY Andrew Miesner / July 24, 2011

Today coL.CatZ will be representing CompLexity at the Starcraft Miami League LAN event. The Best-of-Three Double Elimination tournament features the same map pool and rules as MLG.

Besides CatZ, other notable players at the LAN are Destiny and vvvwaffles. While there aren’t a ton of super well known players, that doesn’t mean the competition is easy. The US StarCraft II Pro scene is hard to break into and there are a ton of amazing unknown players. LAN events like this are a great way to get your name out there and further your gaming career.

Right now CatZ is in the 4th round (RO 8) and will be taking on his roommate and good friend Destiny. With two ultra creative Zergs who happen to be good friends, you’re sure to get some crazy strategies and impressive games.

To watch the action live, tune into the stream here. If you can’t watch the event for some reason, you can keep up on the action by checking out the bracket here.