coL.CC @ East Coast Throwdown 4

BY Andrew Miesner / June 9, 2012

Beginning today, compLexity Cross Counter is in Morristown, NJ for the East Coast Throwdown 4. Mike Ross, Combofiend and FilipinoChamp are on hand competing against hundreds of gamers in 12 games.

The games that will be held as main tournaments are as follows:


  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v2012 (PlayStation 3)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PlayStation 3)
  • Street Fighter X Tekken (PlayStation 3)
  • Tekken 6 (PlayStation 3)
  • Mortal Kombat 9 (PlayStation 3)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition (PlayStation 3)
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (MAME on PC, sticks will be provided)
  • King of Fighters XIII (PlayStation 3)
  • Soulcalibur V (PlayStation 3)
  • BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (PlayStation 3)
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PlayStation 2)
  • Skullgirls (PlayStation 3)


East Coast Throwdown 4 has been chosen to be a part of the EVOLUTION 2012 Tournament Season. Much like last year, players who place in the Top 16 in each game’s tournament will be awarded seeding points at each of the EVOLUTION 2012 Tournament Season events. These games include Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v2012, Street Fighter X Tekken, Soulcalibur V, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, as well as King of Fighter XIII. Here’s how the point system will work for 2012:

  • 1st Place: 50 points
  • 2nd Place: 25 Points
  • 3rd Place: 10 Points
  • 4th-16th Place: 1 Point