coL.CC to Represent the USA at Canada Cup 2011

BY Andrew Miesner / November 1, 2011

Today the good folks over at Canada Cup Gaming released a trailer for their upcoming fighting game tournament Canada Cup 2011, which takes place in Calgary on Nov 5th & 6th. Featuring eight international teams competing for $5000 in a Double Elimination tournament, Canada Cup 2011 is looking to be one of the most exciting tournaments of the season.

It is a great honor to announce that two compLexity Cross Counter members, Mike Ross and Filipino Champ, will be representing Team USA.

The rest of the teams include:

  • Team USA: Justin Wong, Mike Ross, Wolfkrone, Floe, Filipino Champ
  • Team Canada: Air, Chi-Rithy, ????, ????, ????
  • Team Japan: Tokido, Mago, Bonchan, Shungoku Neurosis, Momochi
  • Team Japan 2: Kindevu, RF, D44Bas, MOV, Kazunoko
  • Team Singapore: Xian, Leslie, Real Deal, Zhi, HZY
  • Team Europe: Ryan Hart, Evans, Louffy, Coungster, Andreas
  • Team Europe 2: Kenpachi, Starnab, Boris, Skatan, Problem X
  • Team Korea: Laugh, Infiltration, Zzangmoo, Naraks, Whitedoong2

The games that will be played at Canada Cup 2011 include: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2, Tekken 6, Street Fighter HD Remix, and Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

Best of luck to Mike Ross and Filipino Champ as they fly out to Calgary this weekend to represent the United States.