coL.COD to be on MLG’s Pro Scrims

BY Andrew Miesner / January 31, 2013

Today at 7:00 PM EST, coL.COD will be taking on Fariko Gaming on MLG’s Pro Scrims. It will be a best-of-eleven series. It will be casted by Chris Puckett and John ‘Revan’ Boble.

The result is coL.COD wins 6-3 over Fariko Gaming. The individual map scores can be seen below.

  • coL.COD 181-240 Fariko on Hard Point Raid
  • coL.COD 5-6 Fariko on Search and Destroy Cargo
  • coL.COD 2-2 Fariko on Capture the Flag Slums (coL wins in overtime)
  • coL.COD 228-248 Fariko on Hard Point Standoff
  • coL.COD 6-4 Fariko on Search and Destroy Meltdown
  • coL.COD 3-0 Fariko on Capture the Flag Raid 
  • coL.COD 192-187 Fariko on Hard Point Cargo
  • coL.COD 6-4 Fariko SND Standoff
  • coL.COD 1-0 Fariko CTF Express

Please tune in and check out our Call of Duty team in action.


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