coL.COD vs. Team FeaR – MLG Pro Scrim

BY Andrew Miesner / February 5, 2013


coL.COD was able to defeat Team FeaR, 4-2.

coL.COD 250-103 Team FeaR – HP Standoff
coL.COD 0-2 Team FeaR – CTF Slums
coL.COD 4-6  Team FeaR – SND Cargo
coL.COD 211-209 Team FeaR – HP Raid
coL.COD 3-0 Team FeaR – CTF Express
coL.COD 6-4 Team FeaR – SND Aftermath

Tonight compLexity’s Call of Duty team will be taking on Team FeaR in MLG’s Black Ops Pro Scrim program. Kicking off at 7:00 PM EST, tonight’s scrim is sure to be an exciting match. Both FeaR and coL are amazing teams and will put on a great show. You can watch tonight’s match on MLG’s stream.

If you’re new to competitive Call of Duty do yourself a favor and check out compLexity’s “Listen In” series. In this series, you get to see first hand how the coL players communicate and coordinate during competitive matches. This is a great way to learn the game and gain an appreciation for the skills that are required to be a top CoD team.