coL.COD Wins GFinity 2013!

BY Andrew Miesner / July 12, 2013

Beginning today, compLexity will take on some of the best Call of Duty teams in the world as we compete in GFinity, in London, England. 

The Call of Duty tournament features 10 of the most popular and skilled teams from throughout Europe and North American competing for a prize pool of $55k. The winning team will net themselves $30k, the runners-up will receive $15k and the 3rd/4th placed sides take $5k each.


The teams will be split into two groups of five, Group Alpha and Group Bravo, and do battle in an initial round-robin style group stage which will take place on Saturday 13th July. Each group game will be best of 5 maps to determine the winner of the match.

At the end of Saturday 13th July, the team with the least amount of points/team finishing in 5th place in each group will be eliminated from the competition.

The competition will then proceed in a single-elimination straight knock-out fashion on Sunday 14th July, with each knock-out game being determined by best of 5 maps to determine the winner of the match.

The placements in the initial group games will determine the match-ups in the knock-out stage. The 1st placed side from Group Alpha facing the 4th placed side from Group Bravo, 2nd placed Group Alpha facing 3rd placed side from Group Bravo and so forth.

The final of the Gfinity Call of Duty Championship will be determined in a best of 5 match and will decide who will be crowned champions and the worthy winner of our $30k top prize. 


  • 1st place – $30,000
  • 2nd place – $15,000
  • 3rd place – $5,000
  • 4th place – $5,000


coL.COD 3 VS 1 Team Prophecy
Group Stage – Alpha
coL.COD  3 VS  1 Ozone Giants
Group Stage – Alpha
coL.COD  3 VS  1 Unite Gaming
Group Stage – Alpha
coL.COD  3 VS  0 OpTic Gaming
Group Stage – Alpha
coL.COD  3 VS  0 Curse EU
Playoff Stage
coL.COD  3 VS  1 Impact
Playoff Stage
coL.COD  3 VS  1 TCM
Grand Finals