coL.cs Nominated for e-Stars Seoul 2009

BY Andrew Miesner / April 27, 2009

Today we are pleased to announced that compLexity has been nominated to participate in the e-Stars Seoul 2009 event. There are three North American organizations that have been thrown into the voting pool of participants. Those organizations are Gravitas, EG, and us.

The voting will be tough as the North American organizations are battling against the top European teams to secure a spot in the event. Have no fear, you can help push compLexity to the top since it is a community vote, and we have always had great faith in the compLexity community.

In the vote polls, you can vote for the top Counter-Strike teams, along with your favorite Warcraft III players. You must choose up to three teams(if you are voting for CS) and three individual players(if you are voting for WC3) for the respective titles. Lets get North America back in the battle for East versus West in Seoul, Korea!

You can go HERE to vote for compLexity!