coL.cs Welcomes Impulsive

BY Andrew Miesner / January 27, 2010

Today The Syndicate is excited to announce that we are making a change to our Counter-Strike lineup in preparation for an exciting 2010.

The squad experienced some success during the second half of 2009, winning ESEA and placing 3rd at Dreamhack. However, the consensus amongst the players was that more dedication was needed including a possible long term bootcamp in Europe.

Moving forward, we will be parting ways with Jeff “Hero” Mettetal. Jeff has been an amazing teammate and friend to the squad for quite some time but his incredible “real life” job recently promoted him, making it impossible to dedicate 100% of his efforts to the game. We wish him the very best and thank him for all his hard work and loyalty.

In his place we are excited to welcome Derrick “Impulsive” Truong. Derrick worked his way up in professional Counter-Strike, playing for teams like Cyberglobe, Turmoil and x3o. He has distinguished himself as one of America’s best players and we are confident his skill, dedication and passion for the game will enable coL.cs to reach greater heights in 2010.

As mentioned, the key change in coL.cs for 2010 will be the amount of time the squad is able to dedicate to the game. The guys are motivated and eager to tackle the year with a new sense of hunger and passion. We encourage all coL Fans to follow along and cheer on the squad as they work hard to put the legendary coL.cs name back in the Grand Finals of eSports.

Welcome Derrick here!

*Image courtesy of Gotfrag