coL.cs wins ESEA Season 4

BY Andrew Miesner / November 8, 2009

In what turned out to be a shocker of a lower bracket final, DINC was able to take down EG in 2 maps to move on to face coL in the Grand Finals of the ESEA LAN at Lethal Gamers in Dallas, TX. coL.cs found themselves in the same position that EG did early on, as DINC’s combination of skill and pug-like playing style reaked havoc on the team.

coL.cs unfortunately was unable to take de_inferno, one of their better maps, as DINC was able to take the win by a score of 16-11. On the second map, coL looked like a completely different team, showing everyone the teamwork and raw skill that we have come to know. Taking round after round, coL.cs was able to put up the best match score of a night, taking the victory by a score of 16-1 and putting themselves in the position of taking the ESEA Championship in the third map of the first bo3 series. The third map was randomly selected and turned out to be de_train, the same map that coL was able to edge out EG in the day before, and the map that EG was able to take DINC out on in the second round of the upper bracket on Saturday. On de_train, coL showed why they are one of North America’s top teams, as they maintained their composure in the last round of the match to take the victory and the tournament by a score of 16-14. It was a great game by DINC and a well fought battle by them this tournament.

Grand Finals

Inferno: 11-16
Nuke: 16-1
Train: 16-14

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