coL.Dog in ESL Legendary Series Week 4

BY Andrew Miesner / December 13, 2014

This weekend compLexity Gaming’s cardslinger David ‘Dog’ Caero is back in action. Ever since the DreamHack Winter 2014 journey, the American has been on a short break from the tournament scene to focus on studies. Now the finals are in the books, so the popular player returns to an explosively changed Inn to compete.

This time it is the ESL Legendary Series Week 4, as the third compLexity Gaming player to enter that competition. Thus far the track record of the team isn’t as great with Alchemixt and Noxious losing in the Quarterfinals, both with 3-1 against their opposition. Now it’s Dog’s turn to enter the stacked tournament and try to achieve greatness and earn valuable points towards the Grand Finals event hosted in Burbank, California.

Trying to block the popular streamer from achieving his goals is a stacked array of known professionals from North America and Europe. Alongside Dog three other DreamHack Winter 2014 veterans got the invite with Team Liquid’s newest member Neirea, IHU’s own Powder and Forsen himself. For North America, Backspace will get the nod, this being his first tournament as an official member of Team Archon. This totals an invite count of five, which is unusual, but became necessary after Week 3 runner-up Brian Kibler had to decline his return due to an important MtG event in Las Vegas, Nevada. So only SilentStorm, the winner of Week 3, will have any experience with the format, while the two Challenger player Fr0zen and Weifu gathered momentum through the open tournament.

So gather round and support Dog, when he goes into the competition poised to validate his great impression he left by eliminating TidesofTime, Savjz and Reynad in Sweden. Raise your FrankerZ’s on today at 10 PM CET / 4 PM EST.

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