coL.Dota Group Day 4 Recap; Looking Ahead to Main Event

BY Andrew Miesner / August 1, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

As the TI5 competition leaves The Westin hotel and moves to the main event in Key Arena, compLexity Gaming is leaving with some goals accomplished, but a lot still left to grab.

The team that started the tournament as the underdog used the first two days to surprise everyone, followed by two more days to clinch the third place in the group. With big plays, good drafts, great team work and a youthful enthusiasm for the challenges ahead, coL.Dota has shocked the world already – without feeling quite accomplished yet.

During the deciding games on Thursday that feeling was abundantly clear. No big celebration after clinching the Upper Bracket spot, no dancing, screaming or outburst of joy. For the compLexity Gaming crew around captain and drafter Kyle ‘swindlemelonzz’ Freedman it was just one small step on the road to their goal. Key Arena and a date with Evil Geniuses is next, leaving Group A behind with momentum.


The team waits for their first match of the day vs Cloud9.


The last day showed the capabilities of the squad in all positions. Whether it was swindlemelonzz playing big on Shadowfiend, Fly burning everyone down as Lina, more clutch performances by Zfreek on Enigma, Zyzz punching people in the face with Sven or Moonmeander cleaning out the enemy lines with Vacuum and perfect walls – the team showed promises beyond critics imagination.

Against Cloud 9 and fnatic the team came out to play, especially in the series against Cloud 9. compLexity came out swinging with Sven, making EternalEnvy’s life on Gyrocopter miserable two games in a row.  Spirit Breaker charging across the map, Dark Seer causing havoc, Centaur putting his hoofs down, Lina setting the world on fire – coL’s aggression was just too much to handle. Even after a miscue in Game 2, leading to a perfect Puck Dream Coil and team wipe, the team stayed level headed and ran the game back with smart decisions and clutch team fights.


coL.Dota plans for their match vs Fnatic.


After that win, the series against Fnatic technically was just for show, since coL.Dota had clinched the third place already. However, the team wasn’t happy with that and took nothing for granted. Captain swindlemelonzz set the tone during the break, telling his team emphatically, that they “play to win every single game, no one cares if it’s meaningless or not.”

And that is exactly how the team played against the Malaysian crew. Everything was jelling. Early kill deficits weren’t bothering the boys and they simply played their winning style of Dota 2. Once more it was aggression, once more the team came out ahead in almost every team fight, every coordinated engagement, all without the tables turning against them. Overall captain swindlemelonzz described that series as their “best yet at TI.” A lot more is still to come though, as Evil Geniuses is next up.


Sweet, sweet victory.


Being picked by EG sets up an intriguing clash between former teammates. In HoN, PPD used to play with Zfreek, Moonmeander and also Swindlemelonzz in numerous teams – even back in the compLexity Gaming.HoN days with Moon. Teammates, rivals, enemies, everything can be said about this duel between the two prime NA teams. No matter who wins, NA Dota will win, as the two teams clash for the unofficial North American supremacy – at least for a few days.

Who comes out ahead in the clash of the two rivals? Will compLexity Gaming continue their roll in Key Arena or can EG back up their pick and walk away victorious? Find out on Tuesday, LIVE from Key Arena in Seattle, Washington!