coL.DotA Interviewed by GosuGamers

BY Andrew Miesner / February 16, 2012

Following the announcement that compLexity DotA has returned with the signing of Team FIRE, GosuGamers released an interview that they conducted with the team. In the interview, they discuss what compLexity means to them as well as what is in store for coL.DotA in the future.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:


Please tell me what does this mean for you personally.

Chappy: For me it’s more than just ‘cool’ to join Complexity. I’ve been an advocate and fan of eSports since CS 1.6. I graduated high school the same year coL was founded, 2003, I remember the early days of PC eSports, the early teams, the early casters and streaming pioneers like Team Sportscast Network (TsN), back when streaming was brand new and expensive as hell!

The magic of eSports has not faded at all for me, it’s only gotten stronger, and throughout it all there are literally only a handful of eSports organizations that have stood the test of time and embedded themselves in the history of eSports. In North America that list grows even smaller and virtually requires a big and successful origin in CS 1.6. The list is even smaller when you filter out NA teams that had successful DotA careers. Complexity is most definitely one of those teams, one of the pillars of eSports, and it’s a dream come true to be a part of their legacy and to help that legacy grow.


Read the entire interview by clicking here.