coL.DOTA Week in Review; Bootcamp Begins

BY Andrew Miesner / October 20, 2014

Less than a week ago the compLexity Gaming DOTA 2 division had great news to announce. In order to improve communication, team spirit and overall performance, coL.DOTA moved to the team house in Los Angeles, California. Before this weekend, all five members arrived from the East Coast, the Midwest, Canada and all the way from Sweden, gathering in the team facility in beautiful LA.

Early signs of success of this project are now already starting to come in, as compLexity Gaming managed to secure a spot in the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 2. compLexity didn’t just qualify, but they steamrolled through the qualifier without a single loss. The flawless run through the Upper Bracket was marked by victories over Not Today and Wheel on the final day of competition, closing out the tournament with a come-from-behind victory in the UB Finals.

coL.DOTA competes from the team training facility.

This win now means stiff competition ahead for the black-red roster. In the North American division they will face off with Cloud 9 and Evil Geniuses, as well as either Sneaky Nyx Assassins or Wheel, with the final qualifier spot being decided today. With tough opponents ahead of the team, the practice and efforts have to intensify in order to make the improvements and adjustments necessary to compete with the star lineups of EG and C9. A week from now the group stage with the four North American teams will kick off. Within three days of tough competitions and repeated battles, only two will be left standing – with the reward in hand. Those two teams will move to Stockholm Sweden, for a week of in-studio competition, and a shot at DreamHack Winter 2014.

Until then, the busy schedule for the coL players continues. Kyle ‘swindlemelonzz’ Freedman and his squad have little to no time to enjoy the sunny weather or sightseeing attractions in Los Angeles. The reason for that is the resurgence of big competitions in the Dota 2 scene. The TI4 hangover period is over and the new season has started back up and is in full swing. DotaPit, The Summit Qualifier, WePlay competition, Synergy League, a new season of StarLadder,and Battle of America are all on the horizon. The young team has a chance to be present in several LAN events, bolstering their profile and building up some pedigree in the North American global scene.

Stay tuned for more coverage of coL Dota in their events, and during their 5 week LA bootcamp.