coL.Filipino Champ is Corner Pressure’s UMvC3 Player of the Year

BY Andrew Miesner / January 3, 2013

UPDATE: In addition to being named Player of the Year, Corner Pressure has just awarded coL.Filipino Champ the UMvC3 Match of the Year. The specific match was Filipino Champ vs. Infrit, the Evolution 2012 championship match. To find out why Corner Pressure named this match Match of the Year you can read the article or just watch the fight here.

It’s the start of the new year and, while most people are looking forward at things to come, the Fighting Game Community is taking a moment to reflect on back on 2012. Looking at both Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, FGC website Corner Pressure released their thoughts on Player of the Year. We are honored to say the coL.Filipino Champ was recognized as one of UMvC3’s Players of the Year. Joining Filipino Champ is Chris G. Justin Wong won the SSF4 Player of the Year.

These players were decided on by Glenn, Timothy, Antonio and Dakota at Corner Pressure. To see the specific reasons why they were chosen click here.

We at compLexity would like to thank Corner Pressure for recognizing all the hard work Filipino Champ has done in 2012. We also look forward to continuing this relationship through 2013.