coL.Fortnite Roster Additions

BY Andrew Miesner / May 30, 2018

In the last couple of months, compLexity has grown considerably. With the arrivals of a Clash Royale team, a Rocket League team and various new streamers and influencers, coL has become larger than ever. One of those new additions was Michael “Hogman” Hogman – the designated captain of our Fortnite squad. For the better part of the last month, he has represented us faithfully around Tilted Towers, while also keeping an eye out for upcoming talent to build his squad. Today the search comes to an end. We are proud to announce the addition of Cody “Skulley” Toney, Martin “PipKippy” Robak and Sheldon “pupper” Doreleyers to compLexity Fortnite!

Since the inception  of Fortnite, the response has been record breaking. In the pursuit of the best possible team to field for the upcoming competitive circuit with 100 Million up for grabs in prize money, we went through countless tryouts until landing on these three additions.


Join us in welcoming the three players to the compLexity Family by following them on Twitter and keeping an eye out on their first streams under the new banner! Thank you, as always, for your support!


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