coL.GanZi vs Quantic.Golden – CSN Allstars Showmatch

BY Andrew Miesner / November 14, 2012

UPDATE: MVP’s TaiLs wasn’t able to make it so Quantic’s Golden has replaced him!

Tonight compLexity’s star Terran player GanZi will be taking on TaiLs from the Korean team MVP in a showmatch presented by Quantic Gaming and CSN. Tonight’s showmatch is part of their “allstars” series which “highlights some of the StarCraft 2 most renowned players.” In addition to the exposure to a wider audience, the winner of tonight’s match will be walking away with $100 while the loser get $25.

Tonight’s best of five will start out on a map determined by commentator QuanticPrOmise. From there the showmatch will follow a standard loser picks format. The map pool includes:

  • WCS Antiga Shipyard
  • WCS Daybreak
  • GSL Abyssal City
  • WCS Entombed Valley
  • WCS Ohana LE
  • WCS Cloud Kingdom
  • Atlantis Spaceship
  • Metropolis

To watch the showmatch tune into QuanticPrOmise’s Twitch TV stream at 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST.

Score 1 2 3 F
coL.GanZi 0 0 2
Golden 0 0 3
Maps: TBD