coL.Hearthstone Adds Casie

BY Andrew Miesner / October 5, 2016

Things have been a bit quiet on the competitive side of coL Hearthstone announcements lately, as we’ve been bolstering our streaming team. With Asmodai, Neviilz, and Tylerootd we’ve been able to secure some of the most recognizable and beloved community figures of Hearthstone, but now the competitive aspect calls once again. We are proud to announce German competitor and EU Spring Championship semifinalist Kevin ‘Casie’ Eberlein as the newest addition to our Hearthstone squad.

In our constant search for hidden gems and talent to develop, we believe that Casie is by far the best option out there. Not only has he proven his talent during the two most recent EU Preliminary events, but also at the big stage for the European Spring Championships alongside coL cardslingers Loyan and Crane in Los Angeles. Since then he has become a fixture in the professional scene as a creative deckbuilder and a player people ask for advice and practice sessions constantly.

“We are incredibly happy to have Casie on board. He is a standout talent in Hearthstone who I am sure will do great things for us in the future. Plus I now have another member I can talk German with!”

– Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm, coL.HS Manager – @coL_Fantasy

“I was looking for a team with players I like to play with. I talk and practice a lot with Crane and Loyan, so coL made a lot of sense to me.”

– Kevin ‘Casie’ Eberlein, newest member of coL.HS – @Casie_HS

Casie’s first appearance for the compLexity Gaming Hearthstone squad will be in the Deck Gauntlet 4.0 Team League as a substitute for superjj and Mryagut. His first LAN in the red and black will be DreamHack Winter 2016 where he will be one of five coL players traveling to Jönköping to chase that Major championship.