coL.Hearthstone Adds Mryagut

BY Andrew Miesner / August 25, 2016

In the spirit of Karazhan, the latest adventure expansion to hit Hearthstone with new cards, compLexity Gaming is proud to announce a new addition of their own. After long negotiations and talks, German strategist Tugay “Mryagut” Evsan is joining the squad.

MrYagut reached fame nearly two years ago as an innovative participant of the European Championship tournament for the first ever Hearthstone World Championship tournament. Back then it was his take on Midrange Hunter and his defiance toward netdecking that made him popular and propelled him into fame within the Hearthstone community. From then on he spent his time refining his play – mostly as a Rogue and Shaman – ironing out his branding, and continuing the path of a streamer. Now, after two years in Hearthstone, he is ready for the next step – joining compLexity Gaming for more exposure in high-profile tournaments.

“I am excited and happy that I finally joined team compLexity Gaming and will compete in more tournaments,” the man himself had to say.

The first big tournament under the wing of the new organization will be the Insomnia58 LAN event in Birmingham. Alongside fellow compLexity Gaming members superjj and Crane, Mryagut will embark on the journey to play the Swiss round for entry into the 30,000 USD tournament.

“I am personally very happy to finally have gotten the ‘yes’ from Mryagut.”, said compLexity Gaming manager Sören “Fantasy” Vendsahm. “We’ve been in pursuit for his talent for a long time and to have him represent the brand at a major LAN event right away feels very special. Can’t wait to see him in red and black!”

Show the newest compLexity Gaming family member some love on and make sure to follow him @mryagut on Twitter for updates, stream schedules and deck lists. Also be sure to check out the Insomnia58 broadcast starting on Friday over at to catch MrYagut, Crane and superjj in action.