coL.Hearthstone Adds Sottle

BY Andrew Miesner / November 3, 2015

For over a year Hearthstone has been an important part of the compLexity Gaming family. The black and red squad features strong tournament players, entertaining streamers and amazing personalities representing the coL logo around the globe. Today we are proud to announce the newest member of our family, someone that embodies all three coL.HS traits – Simon ‘Sottle’ Welch.

Starting as a competitor in Hearthstone, Sottle made a name for himself at the first ever Gfinity Spring Masters back in March. Since then he has been progressed as a capable tournament player, while simultaneously making the transition into the casting booth. He stumbled into that gig by accident, but his analytical and calm approach to the game proved to be a great trait for the commentator role. From the beginnings casting Gfinity tournaments, to branching out all the way to the ASUS ROG Play It Cool Marathon and the HS-Arena Invitational, Sottle has shown time after time that he has what it takes to cast the biggest tournaments in Hearthstone.

Sottle had this to say:

“I’m extremely happy to be signing with such a prestigious organisation as compLexity. When I first started streaming Hearthstone I would never have believed I would end up signing with one of the biggest names in eSports. They have a great record when it comes to elevating talent, so now that I have joined, I’m looking forward to pushing for even bigger and better things.”

Inside the compLexity Gaming family the 29 year old Brit will be a jack of all trades. With his casting career running well, he will continue to wield the microphone as often as he can. He will not be limited to that however, as he will also continue his strong streaming schedule and train and compete under the compLexity banner.

“Sottle is one of the raw gems in today’s Hearthstone community.”, said compLexity Gaming Hearthstone manager Fantasy about the new acquisition. “His casting is great and unique, he has a very nice personality for streaming, and he possesses an immense competitive drive extending to everything he does. It’s a great to have him as part of our compLexity family.”

Sottle will showing off his new colors on Thursday’s stream (12PM GMT), so be sure to stop by and tune in. If you can’t wait that long, give him a warm welcome on Twitter @coL_Sottle.