coL.HearthStone in Kinguin For Charity Winter Edition 2015

BY Andrew Miesner / January 23, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

Usually the Inn of Hearthstone opens its door for the fearless cardslingers to enter the battlegrounds for honor, glory and the prestige of winning a tournament. This weekend though, the Inn has a special event in store for the Hearthstone community, bringing smiles on the faces of several thousand kids worldwide. For the second time Kinguin is presenting it’s Charity Event, gathering funds and raising awareness for the Child’s Play initiative to support children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters all over the globe. As one of the most popular charities in the gaming community, the initiative has supported kid’s starting in the year 2003, raising over 33 million since then. This weekend the Hearthstone community can get involved in the race to the 40 million mark by supporting the stream, the organizers, the players and of course the charity directly.

16 of the most prolific Hearthstone players from North America and Europe followed the call of Kinguin to test their skills for the good cause. Of course some prize money is involved as well, as the card veterans fight for the lion’s share of $5,000 USD. For compLexity.Hearthstone David ‘Dog’ Caero will try to continue his positive streak from the last couple of weeks, in which he recorded positive results all around including second places at the ESL Legendary Series and Battle of the Best #2. For his first match he will have his hands full, meeting his friend and reigning World Champion Firebat from Team Archon.

Alongside those two representing North America, other top stars of the competitive scene will throw their hat and cards in the ring. Liquid sends their both standouts Savjz and Neirea, Archon backs up Firebat with Hosty and Amaz, Cloud 9 has Ek0p, Kolento and StrifeCro aiming for the title, as well as TempoStorm’s Gaara, Nihilum’s ThijsNL, Rdu and Lifecoach. Completing the list of top players to compete are Kaldi from fnatic, Powder from IHearthU and MaSsan from Team Solomid. With that much talent top notch Hearthstone should be coming your way the entire weekend. Dog’s debut at the Kinguin tournament is scheduled for 10 PM CET / 4 PM EST.

So tune in to when Kinguin throws a big Hearthstone party at the local Inn – in the name of Charity. Guiding you through the matches and lending the event their voice are coL’s own Noxious and Liquid’s Monk. If you personally want to get involved beyond the support of being an observer of the stream and potential member of the Twitch chat, you can donate to the good cause here.

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