coL.HoN 1st at DreamHack MSI BEAT IT Qualifier

BY Andrew Miesner / August 24, 2011

Today compLexity Gaming’s Heroes of Newerth squad will be taking on the European power house Online Kingdom in the upper bracket of the semifinals of the DreamHack MSI BEAT IT HoN Qualifier. The lower bracket will see Lions taking on Dirty Minds for a shot at the finals.

Both coL and Online Kingdom are sure to bring their A game considering the prize pool. The top 2 teams from each of the 5 qualifiers will receive $1,000 plus a spot in the final tournament at DreamHack Winter this year, which features a 200,000 SEC prize pool.

The trip to the semifinals was not a walk in the park for compLexity. “In one of the most exciting series of the first three rounds, compLexity downed the Nordic assembly from Infused in a very interesting way. While coL went for a more standard lineup, Infused picked a Magebane and almost pulled a major comeback mid game.” Thankfully the coL crew stayed strong, kept their focus and was able to pull through.

Semi Finals

coL.LoL came out on top as the victor of the first and the third games in the best of three series against Online Kingdom. With the final game seeing action with Bombardier, compLexity sealed their slot as a qualified team to go to DreamHack Winter.


After coL.HoN conquered OK, they advanced to face Dirty Minds, who won the lower brackets, in the finals. The series stretched to three games with coL dominating DM in the first, and vice versa in the second. The final match was extremely close until the end where compLexity was able to get several chain ultimates and stuns to get a 20,000k experience lead. With the damage output too strong for DM to handle, coL.PAINTITGOLD (Bombardier) was able to get a pentakill, and so they pushed into the enemy base for the win.

coL.HoN did very well today, winning $1000, securing a slot in DreamHack Winter, and becoming the champions in the bracket.

Expect to see the same level of focus and determination today at 19:00 CET when the game goes live. The match will be broadcasted by Honcast and For all the details, click here.