coL.HoN Invited to NASL

BY Andrew Miesner / September 28, 2011

Today the NASL announced that compLexity Gaming is the first team to be invited to its new Heroes of Newerth tournament. Featuring eight of the world’s best HoN teams, it’s a great honor for coL to be included on the invitation list.

Hot off their first place win in the Lions Quality HoN Cup, compLexity Gaming’s HoN squad should have a decent bit of momentum working for them when the NASL starts up its HoN tournament next week (October 5). Hopes for the team are high considering “nearly every player on their main roster has seen success on other teams in their past.”

According to the NASL Team Profile:


While the team sports such well known names as jaH and AMXZaku, perhaps the most interesting players on their team are Tarano and se`busca, both of which are definitely among the top players in the world. Tarano is widely known as the most underrated player in the game and considered by many top pros as the best player in the world, yet doesn’t get the same level of recognition as some other players. Se`Busca comes from a fantastic background with the powerhouse team EG/Loaded and later joined coL, in a move that was thought to be great for both sides.


Be sure to tune in and cheer on coL.HoN as they fight their way though the competition and try and prove that they are one of the best HoN squads in the world.